A little late…

I know I’m back-pedaling here, but I did not want to forget our first fall, and eventually Halloween, in the UK.

Quick Intro: The reason for the next couple of paragraphs will make sense eventually!

We made it back to the states late September/early October for our first visit home since we left. It was also to celebrate someone’s first birthday. (It was awesome…there was a smashed cupcake…a first sugar high…some overly enthusiastic-ness for birthday cards that sang or did peek-a-boo…etc.)

While visiting, we were able to take advantage of the beautiful weather and head to a pumpkin patch with our friends Matt and Jen, and their little boys, Will and Owen. This was our first time at a pumpkin patch as a family, so we did the usuals: we ran around a maze; took pictures with pumpkins; watched a one-legged rooster hop around; you know, pumpkin patch stuff.

Our little pumpkins: Sarah, Will and Owen

Our little pumpkins: Sarah, Will and Owen

Fall Family Photo--pumpkins included!

Fall Family Photo–pumpkins included!

Matt, Jen, Will and Owen playing it cool with the cow.

Matt, Jen, Will and Owen playing it cool with the pretty cow.

I bring this up because when we got back to the UK, we wanted to find a pumpkin patch close to home for more fun fall stuff to do, and to get some fall décor for our home. (See how I tied it all together right there?)

Anyway, the popularity of a pumpkin patch in the UK is just starting to take hold. We had a hard time finding one that didn’t revolve around a scary corn maze. Eventually though, perseverance and the internet finally paid off and off we went!

It was a crappy weather day, which means, it’s misting just enough to be annoying, but not enough to keep you house-bound–especially with a little one. Fortunately the little farm we found had activities in the multiple barns it had onsite. We were able to bounce around in one barn and carve a small pumpkin in another. There were also some kid sized tractors that just had to be ridden. All in all a fun Sunday for us!

Jumping inside a bouncy house, in a barn...she loved it!

Jumping inside a bouncy house, in a barn…she loved it!

Showing off my awesome carving abilities.

Showing off my awesome carving abilities.

It's never to early to learn how to drive!

It’s never to early to learn how to drive!

Halloween is also starting to gain in popularity as well. Unlike in the states, it really is mainly for kiddos. We decided that we wanted to go walking around, without really going up to doors, so we asked our neighbors if we could trick-or-treat with them. (Not only that, but we weren’t sure of the protocol here–how do you know if someone is handing out candy? The answer? If they have any type of Halloween décor or pumpkin.)

We enjoyed ourselves from the standpoint that the little girls we were with were having the time of their lives. We were surprised though that there was about 1 in every 10-12 houses that were participating. The girls had really small bags (unlike the pillowcases that kids use in the states) that were about 3/4 of the way full and they thought they’d won the candy lottery. WHAT??? One last thing…over here we noticed that some people hand out baked goods. There doesn’t seem to be the fear or stigma that someone is going to slip something in your homemade granola bar. It’s kind of nice, but unfortunately, I’d still have to toss it before eating it.

(Sorry no cute Halloween pics…someone was refusing to sit still long enough to show off her butterfly headband.)

We’ve moved into December now, and people have started putting up Christmas decorations!! We love looking at the lights…and since it gets dark at 3:45 now, we have more time to look at them. HA!

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