The CFO goes wild!

Our CFO’s ‘other’ job has him traveling all over Europe, and eventually Asia. During one of his recent week long trips to Slovenia (a country just east of Italy–I had to Google it), he and some of his co-workers had some interesting team-building exercises each afternoon and evening. While he was a little skeptical going into it all, he was really glad for the opportunity and really enjoyed the experiences.

The first (and most adventurous) was a mountain biking excursion, down a legitimate mountain. The fellas, and their bikes, were all hauled up to the top of a picturesque mountain via cable car and then ski lift. After enjoying an adult beverage, and being properly outfitted in their safety equipment–aka a helmet–they let gravity do the work.

The view on the ride up to the top!

The view on the ride up to the top!

Almost at the top!

Almost at the top!

The first part was fairly technical for mountain bikers: big rocks, narrow trails and some goats. The second part was fairly steep gravel roads. The third part was the less scary paved roads; steep enough thought that thoughts of “I’m going to die” may have crossed his mind.

Matt on one of the easier parts of the trip down the mountain.

Matt on one of the easier parts of the trip down the mountain.

At the bottom, they then had a 5K ride up an incline that experienced riders would call slight. To bike novices like our guy it was plenty to wear him out and work up an appetitie. Over all, there was only one bike casualty with a bent rear wheel, and only one novice bike rider taking a spill. Graciously, all the riders were treated to a very nice evening of more adult beverages, herb-infused schnapps, and assorted meats off the grill.

Night 2 found them all at an Adrenaline Park. Since most of them couldn’t walk from the previous night’s activities, many chose options that were more subdued. Matt decided to take advantage of the evening and rode some mountain buggies (a sitting 3-wheeled scooter) and mountain scooters (standing 2-wheeler with great big tires), and did a little archery. No major spills or stray arrow incidence!

Night 3 was supposed to be paintball, but the guys figured they should probably work instead. After work, they went to a locally brewery and sampled some of the brews–which were delish according to Matt. Human Fish Brewery is only one of 10 craft breweries in all of Eastern Europe. Randomly, the owner is Austrailian, who happens to own a brewery, in Slovenia, and his name is Matthew.

Overall, Matt’s work trips typically don’t go this way, so it was nice that he had these once in a lifetime opportunities! Maybe the little Miss and I will be able to join him there at some point in the future.

On the homefront, we’ve been doing a little more local exploring. We found this gorgeous park/garden: Walton Hall. It has a great play area for kids, a petting zoo, wonderful flower gardens, a putting green and chipping green (for you golfers out there, it’s pretty cool), and a really cool old home that was built in the early 1800’s. Miss S and I have been multiple times, and other than one bee sting–on me–it’s been a great place to go!

Checking out the roosters and goats, that happen to be in the same pen.

Checking out the roosters and goats, that happen to be in the same pen.

As a family, we’ve taken advantage of the nice weather and been to a music festivial and also a food festival. I’ll be honest, we have been spoiled by the festivals in Indy and expected about the same quality. Unfortuantely, we were a little disappointed, but it was still nice to visit local areas around us. AND Matt ate a rabbit burger, so it wasn’t completely lame.

We’ve also recently ventured into Manchester a little and visited the Sea Life Acquarium. Matt loves acquariums and we figured Sarah was getting to the point where fish could entertain her for a little while since they don’t stop moving! Other than it being really crowded, we had a great time. Sarah really enjoyed the turtles and the sea rays, and she touched a live crab–she’s kinda awesome like that.

Sarah checking out the sharks and rays.

Sarah checking out the sharks and rays.


At home, we are finding that we get a little bored and stir crazy. Since it's not our home, we don't have projects to keep us entertained. So, we are forced to watch television. Let me just say that the commercials over here are horrible!!! They are so kitschy and random that we just die laughing half the time. Our favorites (if you're really interested) are: Mueller Rice, Coor Light, and Matt’s favorite, O2.

Until next time…we hope you enjoyed the commericals, we are off to find more!

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